Can Severe Tooth Ache Aggravate Your Ear Pain or Sinus?

If you are facing the problem of toothache, then there are high chances that you may face the condition related to aggravated ear pain and sinus. The teeth and the regions that are associated with the ears and sinus area are connected by the pattern of same nerves. If you are facing toothache, then it can definitely increase the ear pain or any problem related with sinus condition.


Vice versa is also possible in which any problem in the ears or sinus region can give you an experience where you may face pain in the teeth because all the nerves are interconnected.


The treatment will depend on the original cause of the pain. So, if you have any problems associated with teeth, ears and sinus then first of all go for the complete examination because it will help in finding out from where the actual problem started. If there is a sinus infection or any sort of inflammation, then it can cause severe pain in the upper rear teeth which are very close to the sinuses and similarly certain teeth infection can spread up to sinus region causing sinus toothache. Similarly, a severe ear infection can cause pain in the teeth and vice versa.


Corrective steps that can be taken-


If you are facing severe tooth ache and there is an aggravation in the problems like ear pain and sinus, then you should definitely consult a dentist. A dentist will ensure the actual root cause behind the problem and its origin. The treatment can provide great help in reducing the pain. The doctor can also recommend certain pain killers to ease your condition. Side by side you can follow simple procedures to reduce the pain like use a medium bristle tooth brush, avoid extremely hot, cold, sweet or acidic products, rinse your mouth with warm water by adding a little salt,  apply warm or cold compressing cloth on the cheeks to numb the pain. These measures will definitely help in reducing the pain.





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