Does Cold and Hot Both Makes Your Teeth Ache?

Have you experienced tooth ache problem while eating something hot and cold? If the answer is yes, then you may be facing the problem of tooth sensitivity.


There can be some other reasons as well for the toothache like tooth decay, tooth infection, gum disease, grinding problem, tooth trauma, tooth eruption, TMJ disorder, cavities etc.



Let us see how sensitive teeth can cause pain while having something hot or cold


When the teeth have become sensitive, then you will experience sharp pain while eating or drinking any kind of hot or cold. In sensitivity, the enamel layer gets thinner and the underlying dentin layer gets exposed which can cause severe toothache whenever you try to have something hot or cold. Even certain food and drinks that are extremely sweet or acidic in nature, can aggravate the problem of tooth ache if you are dealing with sensitive teeth.


Protective measures that can be taken


If you are facing severe pain then you should immediately consult your dentist who can guide you what treatment is required and the underlying cause behind the tooth ache. Use fluoride based toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Use a medium bristle brush. Take some warm water with little salt and do the rinsing process.

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