Happy Diwali

The smoke, the noise, the chokes and cries,

Just sit and think, how many lives they destroy.

The infants, who are just learning to crawl,

Their cries diminished by deafening roars.


No one can breathe for a dismal week,

And our Mother Earth can’t do anything but weep,

Though nothing her fault, the consequence she reaps,

Of our so called ‘pleasure’ and traditional heap.


Diwali may be the festival of light,

People endeavor, to light up the night,

But don’t you think it may be time,

Not to brighten the skies but instead our minds.


So this Diwali, let’s all take a vow,

To look at the clear sky, and then say ‘WOW’,

From this day forth, let’s all make a rally

To celebrate, an anti-cracker Diwali.


Credit: Poem by Abhinav Gupta




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